LOST AGAIN: 6.13 “The Last Recruit”

LOST AGAIN: 6.13 “The Last Recruit”

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“…Four Others blown up…”

I’m only starting to realize that Lost and my rewatch series are just about over. :( I said back in May that the show wouldn’t be done for me until I watched the whole series a second time to see how it played, and that day is almost here. And I have no idea how I’m supposed to look like I’m pretending to work without these reviews. I can’t go back to Freecell. I can’t. But that seems like a post-Christmas kind of worry. What have we got today?

Ah, The Last Recruit. I don’t know if I should even try padding this review out, since it was one of THOSE episodes. One that was quite entertaining, moved all characters (both versions of the characters, at that) towards their ultimate destination, progressed in an exciting fashion, but had maddeningly few noteworthy events to talk about.

The endgame has started, as Widmore is now threatening to blow up Flocke’s camp in retaliation for Sayid’s theft of Desmond. Sawyer takes advantage of the confusion to make his escape to Hydra Island, taking with him Jack, Kate, Sun, and Hurley. And Frank, which is really nice of him, considering that they’ve only met a couple of times. Sucks for Miles, but maybe Sawyer just assumes he’s dead at this point, as most of us would. All of this leads to a great confrontation between Sawyer, who has been changed for the better by the island but is justifiably sick of how much misery it’s caused him, and Jack, who strongly believes that he still has something to do before he can leave. Sawyer knows Jack’s tendency to do his own thing against other’s wishes, and orders him off the boat. It nicely sets up their new skeptic/man of faith dynamic for the crucial scene in The Candidate.

Sayid and Claire were malleable to the Man in Black’s orders up until this point, whether because of the Sickness or outside forces, but things start to change here. Sayid goes to finish Desmond off in the well, still believing that Flocke will be able to bring back his true love (whoever that is), but is stopped when Desmond asks a completely legitimate question: Would she still love you, knowing what you did? And Claire wavers between being happy to see her old friends and being resentful of them for abandoning her, ultimately deciding to abandon Flocke when Kate offers her a chance to get back to Aaron.

Claire and Jack finally get a chance to have a scene together knowing that they’re brother and sister, but that reunion is postponed in the Afterlife. They still learn of their connection thanks to Ilana, and a business suit and American accent becomes her quite nicely. Desmond continues to be all knowing, bordering on being a stalker, and Sawyer and Miles meanwhile manage to arrest Sayid. In a development suspiciously free of conflict, Sun not only survives her shooting but her baby is going to be just fine too. Locke is not is as bad a shape as the previous episode suggested, and Jack prepares to operate on him. The afterlife stuff isn’t quite as strong as some of the best early character centric stories (Substitute, Lighthouse, Dr. Linus specifically), but bringing everyone together is a welcome development at this stage.

Although it’s nice to see Sun and Jin back together, their reunion scene is a little underwhelming. It’s not like Lost hasn’t done a lot of great scenes like this, including the one in Season 2 where Sun and Jin were only separated for eight episodes. Maybe those pylons are just too distracting, maybe it’s the editing, maybe it’s Frank’s silly commentary. I just wish Frank had been present through the entire series so he could add a comic relief tag onto every dramatic scene. Like after Jack resurrections Charlie in Season 1, “Talk about a breathtaking moment, eh Kate?”

The last scene of the episode seems to leave the entire cast on the brink of total ruin. We’ve gone the entire season with surprisingly few major casualties. But with only three more present day episodes, we’ve got a great deal of the cast held at gunpoint, Jack, Flocke, and Sayid being bombarded with Widmore’s artillery, Desmond possibly dead at the bottom of a well, and the highly expendable trio of Ben, Richard, and Miles waiting to reenter the story and get their asses killed. Disaster feels inevitable, even without seeing the next episode, and The Last Recruit is another fine stepping stone towards that point.

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Rating: 8.5/10
Ranked 7th out of 13 episodes.
Average: 8.46/10

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